Infinite Ammo

A mod for Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
About the Infinite Ammo mod

Never worry about ammunition scarcity during intense battles in Yet Another Zombie Defense HD with this mod. Enjoy an endless supply of ammo, allowing you to focus on annihilating the undead without constraints.

Unbeatable Firepower

Never worry about ammo depletion again as this mod ensures you have a constant supply of firepower at your disposal, allowing you to focus on obliterating hordes of zombies without any constraints.

A Seamless Combat Experience

Experience uninterrupted and seamless combat with the limitless ammunition feature, providing a stress-free and exhilarating gameplay where you can solely concentrate on annihilating adversaries.

Enhanced Tactical Dominance

Gain the upper hand in battles by wielding an infinite arsenal, granting you unparalleled tactical advantage while defending your base and outlasting the undead hordes.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite ammo. Your ammo will constantly be filled.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Ammo

Gives you infinite ammo.

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