Increase Level

A mod for Youtubers Life
About the Increase Level mod

Level up your character effortlessly with the Increase Level mod for Youtubers Life. Customize and control the leveling process to optimize your gaming experience and explore new content within the game.

Effortless Leveling Up

With this mod, you can effortlessly level up your character within the Youtubers Life game, without tedious grinding or repetitive tasks. It offers a convenient and efficient way to enhance your character's capabilities and gameplay experience.

Customizable Level Boost

Gain control over your character's progression by customizing the number of levels you want to give. This feature ensures that the leveling process aligns with your gameplay preferences, providing a tailored experience.

Optimized Gaming Experience

Improve your overall gaming experience with the ability to instantly increase your character's level, allowing you to unlock new content and progress through the game more effectively. This mod optimizes the leveling process, enhancing the enjoyment of playing Youtubers Life.

Extra Details

Instantly increase your level.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Levels to Give

The amount of levels to give. You can't go past your characters max level.

Give Levels

Give yourself the specified amount of levels. You can't go past your characters max level.

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