Can't Die

A mod for Zardy's Maze
About the Can't Die mod

Experience Zardy's Maze with the unparalleled advantage of character immortality and survival with this mod. Safeguard your character from perilous situations and ensure their survival against formidable challenges within the game.

Unyielding Survival

Utilize this mod to grant your character an unyielding sense of survival, ensuring they persevere through the most treacherous situations in Zardy's Maze.

Immortal Mastery

Experience the game with unmitigated freedom using this mod, allowing your character to become an immortal force, eradicating the fear of perishing within Zardy's Maze.

Eternal Vigilance

Elevate your gameplay with this mod, providing your character with the gift of eternal vigilance, guaranteeing their continuity even in the face of dangerous adversaries within Zardy's Maze.

Extra Details

Prevent yourself from dying.

This modpack contains the following mods

Can't Die

Prevent your character from dying.

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