A mod for Zardy's Maze
About the ESP mod

Enhance your survival skills in Zardy's Maze with a powerful tool that reveals lethal threats through walls. By utilizing this mod, you can easily identify dangers and their distances, making your navigation through the maze far more strategic and safe.

Navigate the Maze Like Never Before

Transform your gameplay experience with the power to see through walls. This mod allows you to spot hidden dangers well before you encounter them, letting you devise clever strategies to avoid perilous situations.

Color-Coded Advantages

Use color to your benefit! With dangerous entities highlighted in red and pumpkin crawlers marked in green, you'll quickly and easily assess threats. This feature ensures you stay alert and responsive as you traverse the maze, keeping you one step ahead.

Enhanced Awareness with Distance Metrics

Stay informed with distance metrics that display how far threats are from you. This essential information enables you to make smarter decisions on the fly, enhancing your overall strategy and boosting your confidence as you explore Zardy's dark corners.

Extra Details

ESP or extrasensory perception gives you the ability to see things that will kill you through walls and tells you how far away they are, allowing you to more easily navigate the maze and win.

This modpack contains the following mods

Highlight Things That Kill

Highlights things that kill you as red.

Highlight Pumpkin Crawlers

Highlights pumpkin crawlers as green.

Draw Box Around Targets

Draws a box around the identified object.

Draw Line To Targets

Draws a line from the middle of the screen to the identified object.

Draw Distance

Tells you how far away each thing is by writing the number to the screen.

Min Distance

How close something needs to be before it will be highlighted.

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