Resource Giver

A mod for Zombie Cure Lab
About the Resource Giver mod

Gain an advantage in Zombie Cure Lab with the Resource Giver mod, which allows you to customize and access infinite resources such as chemicals, vegetables, metals, and more. Tailor your gaming experience by controlling the amount of resources you give yourself, ensuring you have all the materials needed to thrive in the game.

Overview Video
Amplify Your Resources

Gain an edge in the game by customizing and giving yourself an infinite amount of various resources, allowing you to enhance your base and improve your defense against zombie attacks.

Tailored Resource Management

Easily manipulate the resources in the game, giving yourself the perfect amount of materials to aid in your gameplay without the worry of shortages or limitations.

Unrestricted Gameplay

With the mod, enjoy the freedom of having full resources of every kind, creating a limitless gaming experience that allows you to focus on conquering the game's challenges without constraints.

Extra Details

Give yourself resources or set your resources to be infinite. Get an infinite amount of chemicals, cooked vegetables, cure progress, electronics, fertilizer, glowberry, grilled meat, ice packs, meat, metal, ore, research, stone, super food, vegetables and wood.

This modpack contains the following mods

Resource to Give

The resource to give yourself.

Refresh Resource List

Refresh the list of available resources.

Give Amount

How many of the given resource to give yourself.

Give Resources

Give yourself 'give amount' of the selected resources. You can't go beyond the max of each resource.

Give All Resources

Give yourself 'give amount' of every resource. You can't go beyond the max of each resource.

Unlimited Resources

Makes you have full of every kind of resource.

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