Time Manager

A mod for Zombie Cure Lab
About the Time Manager mod

In Zombie Cure Lab, the Time Manager mod empowers players to freeze, set, or adjust the in-game time at will. Take full control of the time of day, allowing for strategic planning, optimal resource management, and enhanced gameplay immersion.

Master Strategic Control

Take complete control by freezing or adjusting the in-game time, strategically planning your actions in Zombie Cure Lab.

Enhance Immersion and Realism

Immerse yourself in the game's world while having the ability to set the exact time and day, influencing the setting and scenario to your liking.

Maximize Efficiency

Optimize your gameplay experience by setting the precise time, useful for resource management, research, and defense preparations in Zombie Cure Lab.

Extra Details

Change the time of day and set the current day. Set the exact time you want and effectively freeze the time of day. Take control of the time.

This modpack contains the following mods


How many days have gone by.


The current hour.


The current minute.

Get Time

Updates the day, hour and minute options in AzzaMods with the current time.

Set Day

Updates the current day in the game.

Set Hour

Updates the current hour in the game.

Set Minute

Updates the current minute in the game.

Set Full Time

Updates the current day, hour and minute in the game.

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