Infinite Damage

A mod for Zumbi Blocks 2 Open Alpha
About the Infinite Damage mod

Elevate your Zumbi Blocks 2 Open Alpha experience with a mod that grants you infinite damage. Say goodbye to difficult battles—this enhancement allows you to instantly defeat all enemies and bosses, making survival a breeze and placing the power back in your hands.

Unleash Your Power

Dive into Zumbi Blocks 2 Open Alpha with a never-before-seen strength! Imagine eliminating every enemy and boss without the usual struggle. This mod transforms your gameplay, pushing you to new limits and allowing you to explore the game without fear.

Master the Zombie Apocalypse

Surviving the relentless horde is easier than ever with the ability to annihilate foes in a single hit. Forget about resource scarcity or running for cover; this enhancement unleashes your true potential, making you the ultimate survivor in a sea of zumbies.

A Game-Changer for Exploration

Enjoy a seamless gaming experience by focusing on exploration rather than combat. With unlimited damage at your disposal, you're free to uncover hidden secrets and treasures, transforming your survival story into an adventure of thrilling discovery.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite damage. You will instantly kill all enemies and bosses.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Damage

Gives you infinite damage.

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