Low Gravity

A mod for Alteric
About the Low Gravity mod

Elevate your Alteric experience with the Low Gravity mod, allowing you to modify player gravity, achieve higher jumps, and even invert gravity to challenge the laws of physics.

Experience Enhanced Jumping

Safely jump through boiling lava and overcome perilous traps with modified player gravity, allowing you to jump higher and outmaneuver obstacles with ease.

Defy Physics with Inverted Gravity

Experience the thrill of falling towards the sky and navigating new dimensions by instantly inverting gravity to add an exciting twist to your gameplay.

Customize Player Gravity

Tailor your gaming experience by setting specific gravity values, enabling you to fine-tune your character's movements and improve your performance in Alteric.

Extra Details

Increase or decrease your player's gravity.

This modpack contains the following mods

Set Player Gravity

Multiply your player's gravity. A value of 1 will give you normal gravity. A value of 0.5 will give you half gravity and make your player jump higher. A value of 2 will make your player really heavy.

Invert Gravity

Instantly invert gravity so you fall towards the sky. This option is best used with a keybind.

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