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Prevent Destruction
Ensure your player's survival and avoid game over scenarios with this mod. Protect your player from various in-game threats, including enemies, bosses, lasers, spikes, and drowning. Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without the fear of sudden destruction.
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    Low Gravity
    Elevate your Alteric experience with the Low Gravity mod, allowing you to modify player gravity, achieve higher jumps, and even invert gravity to challenge the laws of physics.
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      Unlimited Jumps
      Elevate your Alteric adventure with the Unlimited Jumps mod, granting your character the ability to jump endlessly, unleashing unparalleled freedom and exploration within the game world.
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        About Alteric

        Jump through boiling lava; run from perilous traps and saw blades; glide and climb through catacombs; fall into the abyss and overcome gravity. And don't forget to switch to a parallel dimension in time, because it's Alteric!