Unlimited Jumps

A mod for Alteric
About the Unlimited Jumps mod

Elevate your Alteric adventure with the Unlimited Jumps mod, granting your character the ability to jump endlessly, unleashing unparalleled freedom and exploration within the game world.

Enhance Gameplay with Limitless Jumping

Amplify your Alteric experience by enabling infinite jumping, granting your character the power to leap endlessly and explore the game like never before. With this mod, you can embrace a new dimension of freedom and unlock hidden secrets and paths within the game world.

Unleash Unprecedented Jumping Capabilities

Empower your Alteric hero with the ability to jump limitlessly, breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of traditional gameplay. With boundless jumps, you can navigate treacherous terrains, reach inaccessible areas, and conquer challenging levels with unparalleled ease and agility.

Discover Boundless Exploration with Endless Jumps

Dive into a truly immersive and dynamic Alteric adventure by gaining access to unlimited jumping capabilities. Uncover the vast potential of the game world as you soar through the air, overcome obstacles with finesse, and unleash your imagination to unravel the game's mysteries at your own pace.

Extra Details

Give yourself unlimited jumps. Jump as many times as you like.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Jumps

Give your player unlimited jumps.

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