Prevent Destruction

A mod for Alteric
About the Prevent Destruction mod

Enhance your gameplay in Alteric by preventing destruction and drowning. This mod keeps your player safe from perils caused by traps, lasers, and enemies, allowing you to explore the game's unique landscapes without fear of setbacks.

Overview Video
Explore Without Limits

Imagine diving into the treacherous waters of Alteric without the anxiety of drowning. This mod lets you enjoy the underwater landscapes and secrets the game has to offer, completely worry-free.

Conquer Obstacles with Confidence

Face off against formidable foes and intricate traps without the fear of defeat. With the help of this mod, you can overcome challenges and fully immerse yourself in the game's rich environment.

Focus on Adventure Not Setbacks

Elevate your gameplay experience by eliminating the frustrations of constant respawns. This mod empowers you to embrace the thrill of adventure without the interruptions caused by dangerous enemies and spikes.

Extra Details

Prevent your player from being destructed by various enemies, bosses lasers and spikes. Prevent your player from drowning.

This modpack contains the following mods

Prevent Destruction

Prevent your player from being destructed. This will stop Boss 1, Boss 2, Boss 3, Bullets, Fireflys, Lasers and Spikes.

Prevent Drowning

Prevent your player from drowning.

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