Prevent Destruction

A mod for Alteric
About the Prevent Destruction mod

Ensure your player's survival and avoid game over scenarios with this mod. Protect your player from various in-game threats, including enemies, bosses, lasers, spikes, and drowning. Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without the fear of sudden destruction.

Overview Video
Enhance Gameplay Survival

This mod offers essential protection for players, ensuring they can navigate the challenging gameplay without the fear of sudden destruction or drowning. It enhances the survival aspect of the game, allowing players to fully experience and enjoy the game's content without constant fear of failure.

Avoid Game Over Scenarios

With this mod, players can bypass potential game over situations caused by enemy attacks, lethal obstacles, and drowning. It provides a safety net, enabling players to focus on progression and exploration without the constant threat of failure lurking in the background.

Uninterrupted Adventure

Immerse yourself in an uninterrupted adventure with this mod, as it ensures your player's safety from destructive elements present in the game. No more frustrating restarts or setbacks due to unforeseen hazards - this mod allows for a seamless and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Extra Details

Prevent your player from being destructed by various enemies, bosses lasers and spikes. Prevent your player from drowning.

This modpack contains the following mods

Prevent Destruction

Prevent your player from being destructed. This will stop Boss 1, Boss 2, Boss 3, Bullets, Fireflys, Lasers and Spikes.

Prevent Drowning

Prevent your player from drowning.

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