Apes vs Helium

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Infinite Health
Step into the ultimate gaming experience with this mod that grants you infinite health and god mode, ensuring absolute dominance in Apes vs Helium. Unleash your unbeatable power and conquer the game with invincibility.
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    Unlock unparalleled freedom and exploration in Apes vs Helium with the fly mod. Seamlessly traverse the game world, uncover hidden secrets, and bypass barriers with the unique no clip fly mode, elevating your gaming experience to new heights.
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      Give Money
      Elevate your gaming experience with the ability to instantly add a specific amount of in-game currency to your account. This mod is designed to streamline your progress and provide quick access to premium in-game content without the need for extensive grinding or waiting for rewards.
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        About Apes vs Helium

        Apes vs. Helium is a game that was made in 2020 and is a first person shooter based off of the tower defense game series Bloons TD. In the game you play as the unique monkeys that appear throughout the series, starting off as the Dart Monkey.