Infinite Health

A mod for Apes vs Helium
About the Infinite Health mod

Step into the ultimate gaming experience with this mod that grants you infinite health and god mode, ensuring absolute dominance in Apes vs Helium. Unleash your unbeatable power and conquer the game with invincibility.

Rule the Game with Unmatched Invincibility

Gain god-like powers and dominate Apes vs Helium with infinite health, ensuring you remain invincible throughout the game. Showcase your prowess and take on challenges fearlessly.

Elevate Your Gameplay Experience

Experience Apes vs Helium like never before with the ability to activate god mode, providing unparalleled advantages and infinite health, allowing for an exhilarating and unbeatable gaming experience.

Unleash Unrivaled Power and Control

Unlock unstoppable potential with the mod's infinite health feature, unleashing unparalleled power and control to weave through challenges effortlessly and emerge victorious in Apes vs Helium.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite health. Your health will constantly be filled. You have god mode.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Health

Gives you infinite health.

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