Arizona Sunshine

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Player Stats
This mod provides the ultimate freedom by offering infinite health and stamina options, enabling you to experience Arizona Sunshine without worrying about health depletion or stamina constraints. Unleash your full potential and immerse yourself seamlessly into the post-apocalyptic world, navigating challenges without interruptions.
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    Infinite Ammo
    Elevate your Arizona Sunshine experience with uninterrupted firepower and swift ammo replenishment. This mod provides unlimited ammo, eliminating the need to worry about running out of bullets, and enables auto reload to keep the action seamless and intense.
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      Item Spawner
      Empower your gameplay with the Item Spawner mod for Arizona Sunshine. With the ability to spawn items directly beside your character, give yourself any selected item instantly, and easily refresh the list of available items, this mod offers enhanced convenience and customizable experiences for a more enjoyable gaming adventure.
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        Teleport Anywhere
        Unleash a new level of freedom and excitement within Arizona Sunshine. This modification expands the teleportation capabilities, empowering players to cover greater distances, approach zombies with strategic precision, and venture into normally off-limits areas, elevating the gaming experience to unprecedented heights.
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          About Arizona Sunshine

          Built exclusively for VR, Arizona Sunshine® puts you and up to 3 fellow survivors in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Survive solo or in co-op, handle weapons with real-life movements, and explore a post-apocalyptic world in VR. Putting the undead back to rest is more thrilling than ever before.