Infinite Ammo

A mod for Arizona Sunshine
About the Infinite Ammo mod

Elevate your Arizona Sunshine experience with uninterrupted firepower and swift ammo replenishment. This mod provides unlimited ammo, eliminating the need to worry about running out of bullets, and enables auto reload to keep the action seamless and intense.

Continuous Firepower

Never worry about ammo depletion in Arizona Sunshine with this mod. Enjoy uninterrupted, action-packed gameplay with endless bullets at your disposal, offering a completely immersive gaming experience.

Effortless Ammo Management

Eject a magazine and have your firearm automatically reload, ensuring a seamless and efficient shooting experience. With this mod, focus solely on obliterating zombies without the hassle of manual reloading.

Uninterrupted Gameplay

Stay fully engaged in the game without breaks or distractions due to reloading. This mod allows you to maintain a continuous flow of intense combat, making every moment in Arizona Sunshine thrilling and immersive.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite ammo and allows you to automatically reload on eject. You can toggle on auto reload and infinite ammo separately.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Ammo

Give your gun infinite ammo so you never run out of ammo. This will also insert a clip if your gun runs out so you can always shoot, even if you have none.

Auto Reload On Eject

Automatically reload your gun when you eject a magazine.

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