Increase Bot Memory & Search Range

A mod for Autonauts
About the Increase Bot Memory & Search Range mod

Empower your bots with unprecedented capabilities. Expand their memory capacity to over a billion instructions, maximize their search range, and customize instructions for superior efficiency. Unleash the true potential of automation in Autonauts.

Enhance Bot Memory and Productivity

Unlock the full potential of your bots by expanding their memory capacity to over a billion instructions. This allows for more complex and efficient automation, resulting in increased productivity across your colony.

Maximize Exploration and Efficiency

With an extended search range, your bots can explore the entire map, optimizing their operations and boosting overall efficiency. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a fully automated and efficient system.

Tailor Bot Instructions for Superior Performance

Customize bot instructions to meet the specific demands of your colony. With the ability to refine their tasks, you can achieve a new level of precision and performance, propelling your colony towards prosperity.

Extra Details

Increase the memory of your bots and their search range. You can make the bot search the entire map at once. You can have so many instructions, as many as 1,073,741,824 -- over a billion.

This modpack contains the following mods

Extra Max Instructions

Give all your bots extra capacity for instructions using this option.

Extra Search Range

Increase the search range of your bots.

Apply Changes

Apply the extra instructions and extra search ranges.

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