Always Win Spinning Wheel Game

A mod for Bakso Simulator
About the Always Win Spinning Wheel Game mod

Optimize your chances of winning in the spinning wheel game in Bakso Simulator with this mod. It ensures your victory by forcing the wheel to stop at a legendary rated prize, predominantly the cart miniature. Easily install this mod via AzzaMods to enhance your gaming experience.

Consistently Triumph in the Spin Wheel Game

Leverage the mod to guarantee success in the spinning wheel game every time, ensuring your business in Bakso Simulator flourishes without limits.

Unlock Legendary Prizes with Ease

Gain access to the default cart miniature prize effortlessly with the mod's feature, catalyzing the growth of your bakso business in Bakso Simulator.

Seamless Mod Installation

Simplify the mod installation process by obtaining it through AzzaMods, providing a hassle-free experience for an enhanced gaming adventure in Bakso Simulator.

Extra Details

Modify the spinning wheel so that you ALWAYS win.

This modpack contains the following mods

Force Top Prize

Forces the spinning wheel to stop on a legendary rated prize. This is by default the cart miniature.

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