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Give Money
Boost your gameplay by easily giving yourself the funds needed to thrive in Bakso Simulator. Specify your desired amount, and experience the freedom to grow your bakso business without the usual grind.
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    Always Win Spinning Wheel Game
    Transform your experience in Bakso Simulator by ensuring every spin of the wheel results in a win. This mod forces the game to land on top prizes, bringing legendary rewards right to your business without the hassle of losing.
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      Soar through the expansive world of Bakso Simulator with the ability to fly freely and explore every nook and cranny. Whether you're seeking to uncover hidden secrets or simply enjoy unrestricted movement, this mod offers a transformative gameplay experience that allows for effortless navigation, including through walls. Customize your flying speed for both a leisurely exploration or thrilling zooms by adjusting the settings. It's a must-have for any serious player looking to enhance their journey!
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        Give Gold
        Unlock the mechanics of wealth in Bakso Simulator with a simple mod that enables you to grant yourself gold instantly. Say goodbye to the hours spent grinding and hello to the fun of scaling your bakso business without limits.
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