Give Gold

A mod for Bakso Simulator
About the Give Gold mod

Elevate your Bakso Simulator gaming experience by instantly adding a specified amount of gold to your in-game wealth, providing you with the resources needed to thrive and excel in the competitive world of Bakso business management.

Fortify Your Bakso Empire with Instant Wealth

Invest in your Bakso business by instantly securing a surge of gold, propelling you towards unparalleled success as you expand your empire and bolster your resources effortlessly.

Seize the Competitive Edge with Rapid Gold Acquisition

Acquire gold at a rapid pace, gaining a significant competitive advantage and empowering yourself to steam ahead of rivals in the quest to build the most prosperous Bakso business.

Effortless Gold Access for Game Mastery

Effortlessly access gold to advance your game strategy, unlocking new levels of mastery as you navigate the challenges of building and managing a successful Bakso business with ease.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself gold.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Gold to Give

The amount of gold to give.

Give Gold

Give yourself the specified amount of gold.

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