Give Money

A mod for Bakso Simulator
About the Give Money mod

Elevate your Bakso Simulator experience by gaining access to a mod that enables you to effortlessly customize your in-game finances, granting the ability to empower your gameplay with unlimited wealth.

Customize Your In-Game Wealth

Gain the power to personalize your financial status within Bakso Simulator, allowing you to prosper and succeed at your own pace.

Unlock Unlimited Monetary Resources

Acquire the ability to access an infinite source of in-game currency, enabling you to explore the game without limits.

Enhance Your Gameplay with Financial Freedom

Experience the freedom to give yourself any desired amount of money, elevating your gameplay and removing limitations on your progress and experiences within Bakso Simulator.

Extra Details

Give yourself money.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Money to Give

The amount of money to give.

Give Money

Give yourself the specified amount of money.

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