Baldi's Basics Plus

Get Premium Mods for Baldi's Basics Plus via AzzaMods. There are 3 mods available right now for Baldi's Basics Plus in AzzaMods.

Baldi's Basics Plus is like the original game, but PLUS! The same cruddy edutainment horror type parody theme is back, but with hugely expanded gameplay features, including procedurally generated levels, field trip minigames, crazy random events, PLUS more characters, more items, and more...


This game has 3 mods across 2 modpacks.

Infinite Stamina
Gives you infinite stamina. Your stamina will constantly be filled.
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    Movement Speed
    Control your characters movement speed. Set custom walk and run speeds. You can walk and run with super duper speed or limit yourself to a turtles pace.
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