Baldi's Basics Plus

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Infinite Stamina
Unleash limitless stamina with this mod for Baldi's Basics Plus. Enjoy continuous replenishment of stamina, providing unparalleled freedom and enhanced gameplay experience. Tailor your adventure with the option to toggle infinite stamina on or off, presenting an opportunity to optimize your gaming experience.
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    Movement Speed
    Take charge of your character's movement with this mod, enabling you to customize walk and run speeds according to your preferences, from lightning fast to leisurely paced, adding a new layer of control and excitement to your gameplay.
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      About Baldi's Basics Plus

      Baldi's Basics Plus is like the original game, but PLUS! The same cruddy edutainment horror type parody theme is back, but with hugely expanded gameplay features, including procedurally generated levels, field trip minigames, crazy random events, PLUS more characters, more items, and more...