Movement Speed

A mod for Baldi's Basics Plus
About the Movement Speed mod

Take charge of your character's movement with this mod, enabling you to customize walk and run speeds according to your preferences, from lightning fast to leisurely paced, adding a new layer of control and excitement to your gameplay.

Tailor Movement to Your Preference

Customize your character's movement speeds to match your desired gameplay pace, offering you complete personalization and control over your gaming experience.

Enhance Immersion with Varied Speed Options

Expand your gaming experience with a mod that allows you to immerse yourself in diverse speed settings, from super-fast to slow-paced, transforming the way you interact with the game world.

Unlock New Gaming Strategies

Experiment with different movement speeds to uncover fresh and innovative gaming strategies, contributing to a more engaging and personal gameplay adventure.

Extra Details

Control your characters movement speed. Set custom walk and run speeds. You can walk and run with super duper speed or limit yourself to a turtles pace.

This modpack contains the following mods

Walk Speed

Sets how fast you can walk, the default is 16.

Run Speed

Sets how fast you can run, the default is 24.

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