Blood And Zombies

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Infinite Health
Experience invincibility and relish in unbeatable gameplay advantages with this mod for Blood And Zombies. Gain god mode and infinite health, eliminating the fear of being defeated and intensifying your encounters with the zombie horde.
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    Give Armor
    Arm yourself for the relentless zombie onslaught with the 'Give Armor' mod for Blood And Zombies. Gain a competitive advantage by instantly equipping a complete set of armor to bolster your defenses and survive the intense combat scenarios.
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      Give Money
      Amplify your Blood And Zombies experience with the ability to instantly add a specified amount of in-game money, customize the exact amount to suit your needs, and enhance your gameplay with additional resources and weaponry to combat the relentless zombie hordes.
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        About Blood And Zombies

        Blood, guts, meat. Humanity's waging total war against a horrific zombie apocalypse. Lead one of four of humanity's deadliest survivors against the horde in this first person, wave defense shooter. Load up your guns, set up turrets, sharpen your skills, and maybe you'll make it through the night.