Give Armor

A mod for Blood And Zombies
About the Give Armor mod

Arm yourself for the relentless zombie onslaught with the 'Give Armor' mod for Blood And Zombies. Gain a competitive advantage by instantly equipping a complete set of armor to bolster your defenses and survive the intense combat scenarios.

Survive the Zombie Onslaught with Instant Armor Boost

Equip your character with a complete set of armor instantaneously, gaining a competitive advantage against the zombie hordes in Blood And Zombies game. This armor mod ensures a decisive edge to survive the intense combat scenarios.

Enhance Your Gameplay with Unbeatable Armor Advantage

Elevate your gaming experience by swiftly outfitting yourself with a full armor set. With this mod, you can fortify your character with the gear necessary to withstand the relentless challenges posed by the zombies, enabling you to emerge victorious.

Master the Art of Defense with Instant Armor Provision

This mod enables you to swiftly equip your character with a full set of armor, empowering you to showcase your tactical prowess as you defend against the relentless waves of zombies in Blood And Zombies game.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a full set of armor.

This modpack contains the following mods

Give Armor

Instantly give armor.

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