Infinite Grenades

A mod for Broforce
About the Infinite Grenades mod

This mod grants you the ability to have infinite grenades, ensuring your stock of explosives never runs dry. It also provides an option for unlimited special ammo, including grenades, amplifying your combat capabilities and adding a new dimension to your gameplay.

Enhance Your Arsenal

Gain a distinct advantage with the ability to continuously replenish grenades, providing you with an endless stream of explosive power to obliterate your enemies in Broforce.

Augment Your Combat Strategy

With access to unlimited special ammo, including grenades, you can revolutionize your gameplay tactics and unleash unparalleled devastation on your adversaries in Broforce.

Unleash Unprecedented Firepower

Experience the thrill of unrestricted firepower by employing the option for infinite grenades, paving the way for endless, explosive action in the world of Broforce.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite grenades / special ammo. Your grenades will constantly be filled. Your special ammo includes things like grenades.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Grenades

Gives you infinite grenades.

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