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Infinite Grenades
This mod grants you the ability to have infinite grenades, ensuring your stock of explosives never runs dry. It also provides an option for unlimited special ammo, including grenades, amplifying your combat capabilities and adding a new dimension to your gameplay.
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    Infinite Jumps
    Elevate your Broforce experience with this mod as it grants you the power of infinite jumps, providing unbounded freedom to explore the game world. Choose between tapping for each jump or hold to fly, giving you unparalleled control over your movement and enhancing your gaming experience.
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      Infinite Lives
      Enjoy uninterrupted and hassle-free gameplay with the Infinite Lives mod for Broforce. With constant life refills, you can focus on conquering levels without the worry of running out of lives.
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        Win Level
        This mod for Broforce grants the ability to instantly win the current level, offering a shortcut for players to progress through challenging stages. Gain easy access to level completion and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.
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          About Broforce

          Broforce is an action-packed side-scrolling run 'n' gun ode to freedom, putting you in control of an under-funded, overpowered paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force.