Infinite Jumps

A mod for Broforce
About the Infinite Jumps mod

Elevate your Broforce experience with this mod as it grants you the power of infinite jumps, providing unbounded freedom to explore the game world. Choose between tapping for each jump or hold to fly, giving you unparalleled control over your movement and enhancing your gaming experience.

Unleash Limitless Movement

Experience unbounded freedom in the game with the ability to jump continuously, breaking free from all constraints and exploring the game world without restrictions.

Seamless Control Customization

Tailor your jumping experience with customizable options, choose between tactile tapping for each additional jump or soar through the skies by simply holding down the jump key, putting full control into your hands.

Master Unprecedented Game Power

Unlock unparalleled control and game-changing abilities by gaining the power to jump endlessly, elevate your gameplay, and surpass all obstacles with ease.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite jumps. You can jump as many times as you want, and fly into the sky.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Jumps

Gives you infinite jumps.

Tap To Jump

You need to tap for each additional jump. Disable this and you can fly by holding jump.

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