Infinite Lives

A mod for Broforce
About the Infinite Lives mod

Enjoy uninterrupted and hassle-free gameplay with the Infinite Lives mod for Broforce. With constant life refills, you can focus on conquering levels without the worry of running out of lives.

Never Run Out of Lives

Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with the ability to maintain a constant flow of lives throughout your Broforce adventures. With this mod, focus purely on the game without the fear of running out of lives.

Seamless Gaming Experience

Eliminate the frustration of restarting levels due to a lack of lives. This mod provides a hassle-free experience, ensuring you stay in the game and maintain momentum with infinite lives at your disposal.

Enhance Your Gameplay

With the infinite lives mod, you can take your Broforce gameplay to the next level. Say goodbye to interruptions and enjoy the game to its fullest potential by having the security of never-ending lives.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite lives. Your lives will constantly be filled to 10.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Lives

Gives you infinite lives.

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