Bugs Can't Die

A mod for Buggos
About the Bugs Can't Die mod

Empower the bug swarm with invincibility and god mode. Your bugs will have infinite health, ensuring they cannot be defeated. Embrace the power to conquer the battlefield and customize your bug swarm endlessly.

Unstoppable Bug Swarm

The mod grants your bug swarm invincibility, ensuring they cannot be defeated. Conquer the battlefield without fear of losing your bugs.

Endless Bug Evolution

Enable god mode for your bugs and never worry about their health. This allows for endless customization and evolution of your bug swarm.

Total Bug Domination

With this mod, your bugs will have god mode, making them unbeatable. Embrace the power to dominate your enemies with an unbeatable bug army.

Extra Details

Your bugs can't die. Your bugs have god mode. They have infinite health.

This modpack contains the following mods

Bugs Can't Die

Your bugs can't die while this option is enabled.

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