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Bug Can't Die
Empower the bug swarm with invincibility and god mode. Your bugs will have infinite health, ensuring they cannot be defeated. Embrace the power to conquer the battlefield and customize your bug swarm endlessly.
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    Give Evolution Points
    Elevate your Buggos gameplay experience with a mod that grants you the ability to give yourself an infinite amount of evolution points, allowing you to enhance and customize your bug swarm without limitations. Streamline your bug swarm customization process, effortlessly acquire upgrades, and unleash your creativity with unlimited evolution points.
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      Give Nutrients
      Optimize your gameplay with the 'Give Nutrients' mod, allowing you to simulate updates for nutrient displays and tailor the quantity of resources at your disposal in Buggos. Gain complete control over resource collection and empower your bug swarm to conquer the planet more efficiently.
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        About Buggos

        Buggos is an RTS Auto Battler where you direct a bug swarm to conquer the planet from the dirty resident humans! You unlock evolution points when defeating the humans in battle allowing you to customize your bug swarm. You are the bad guys! You are the evil bugs! You are here for blood!