Give Nutrients

A mod for Buggos
About the Give Nutrients mod

Optimize your gameplay with the 'Give Nutrients' mod, allowing you to simulate updates for nutrient displays and tailor the quantity of resources at your disposal in Buggos. Gain complete control over resource collection and empower your bug swarm to conquer the planet more efficiently.

Customize Resource Collection

Tailor the amount of resources your character obtains with the 'Give Nutrients' feature, providing flexibility and control over gameplay.

Enhanced Nutrient Management

Utilize the mod to manage and maximize nutrients, empowering your bug swarm to conquer the planet more efficiently by strategically leveraging resources.

Instant Resource Boost

Access a simplified method to instantly boost your resources in the game, ensuring a more dynamic and immersive experience when playing the Buggos RTS Auto Battler.

Extra Details

Give yourself nutrients. The nutrients displayed in the top left hand corner will be updated when the game next gives you nutrients. You can still use the nutrients before the screen is updated.

This modpack contains the following mods


The amount of nutrients to give yourself.

Give Nutrients

Give yourself the specified amount of nutrients.

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