Give Evolution Points

A mod for Buggos
About the Give Evolution Points mod

Elevate your Buggos gameplay experience with a mod that grants you the ability to give yourself an infinite amount of evolution points, allowing you to enhance and customize your bug swarm without limitations. Streamline your bug swarm customization process, effortlessly acquire upgrades, and unleash your creativity with unlimited evolution points.

Unlimited Evolution Points

Empower your bug swarm by granting yourself an infinite supply of evolution points. Enhance your gameplay without limits and dominate the battlefield in Buggos.

Effortless Upgrades

Streamline your bug swarm customization process. With the mod, easily acquire the required evolution points to purchase every upgrade seamlessly in Buggos, letting you focus on the fun of strategizing battles.

Dream Bug Swarm Customization

Unleash your creativity and design the bug swarm of your dreams. With this mod, experience the freedom of customizing your bug army with unlimited evolution points, making your bug squad unstoppable in Buggos.

Extra Details

Give yourself the specified amount of evolution points. You should give yourself new evolution points every time you purchase an upgrade as the evolution points will disappear when you use some. You are able to purchase everything if you do it this way.

This modpack contains the following mods


The amount of evolution points to give yourself.

Give Evolution Points

Give yourself the specified amount of evolution points.

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