Give Evolution Points

A mod for Buggos
About the Give Evolution Points mod

Gain the upper hand in Buggos by easily providing yourself with evolution points whenever you need them. This mod lets you enhance your bug swarm continually, ensuring you can purchase every upgrade without ever running out. Experience the thrill of customizing your characters while unleashing your evil plans!

Transform your Bug Swarm Effortlessly

Imagine having all the evolution points you need at your fingertips. With this mod, every purchase you make brings you closer to dominating your opponents. There's no need to grind for points when you can swiftly enhance your bug swarm and implement powerful strategies.

Say Goodbye to Evolution Point Limits

Why be limited by the game's natural evolution points when you can have access to an unlimited source? This mod ensures that your customization and upgrades are never hindered, allowing you to fully unleash your inner villain as you overpower the humans.

A Game Changer for Strategy and Fun

Elevate your gameplay experience in Buggos by utilizing this incredible mod. Not only does it grant you the freedom to experiment with various upgrades, but it also enhances overall fun by reducing the tediousness of resource management. Take control of the battlefield with ease!

Extra Details

Give yourself the specified amount of evolution points. You should give yourself new evolution points every time you purchase an upgrade as the evolution points will disappear when you use some. You are able to purchase everything if you do it this way.

This modpack contains the following mods


The amount of evolution points to give yourself.

Give Evolution Points

Give yourself the specified amount of evolution points.

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