A mod for Cartonfall
About the Essentials mod

Enhance your Cartonfall adventure with this mod offering unlimited health, effortless door unlocking, and instant level triumphs. Revolutionize your gameplay experience and overcome obstacles with ease.

Elevated Gameplay

Enhance your Cartonfall experience with a mod that grants you unlimited health, ensuring you never face defeat in the game again. Enjoy a stress-free gameplay as you explore the warehouse, tackling challenges with confidence and ease.

Seamless Access

With the essentials mod, say goodbye to the hassle of searching for keys to open doors in Cartonfall. Simply stand next to the doors and effortlessly unlock them without any keys. Streamline your gaming experience and focus on solving the madman's riddles without interruptions.

Instant Triumph

Gain an edge in Cartonfall with the ability to instantly win any level. Say goodbye to incessant struggles and savor the victory as you conquer the game effortlessly. Embrace the convenience and joy of achieving success in record time.

Extra Details

Grab unlimited health so you no longer die, start unlocking doors without keys and instantly win any level with this essentials pack.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Health

Gives you unlimited HP, preventing you from dying.

Unlock Doors With No Key

Unlock doors by standing next to them. No key will be required to open doors anymore. Works on most doors. Will require you to touch a door multiple times in cases where there is more than one padlock.

Win Level

Instantly win the current level.

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