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It was another night shift at your job in a warehouse, when a madman with a box on his head, took control over the complex. Now you are under his control, to get out of here you have to solve his wicked riddles and smash through his weird cardboard structures by using anything you find in the boxes.


This game has 7 mods across 3 modpacks.

Grab unlimited health so you no longer die, start unlocking doors without keys and instantly win any level with this essentials pack.
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    Item Manager
    Grab unlimited items with this mod. Access the items menu using Q and spawn as many items as you want. This mod gives you 10 of each item and will refill the stock if you use any.
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      No Clip
      No clip allows you to fly around through walls and go pretty much anywhere at super fast speeds. Explore the map and make new discoveries.
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