Item Manager

A mod for Cartonfall
About the Item Manager mod

Revolutionize your Cartonfall gameplay with a mod that allows you to effortlessly spawn and manage an unlimited inventory of items at your fingertips. Utilize a simple key command to access an item menu and restock your inventory, ensuring that you never run out of crucial resources in the game.

Endless Inventory Control

Easily access an item menu using a simple key command, allowing for the effortless spawning of unlimited items at your disposal within the game. Never find yourself without the tools you need again, thanks to the mod's continuously restocked inventory.

Enhanced Gameplay Freedom

Revolutionize your Cartonfall experience by taking advantage of a mod that grants the power to replenish and spawn a vast array of items with a quick button press, offering an unprecedented level of control and versatility within the game.

Unrestricted Resource Management

Gain an unparalleled advantage with the ability to effortlessly manage and maintain a steady supply of items in Cartonfall. This mod provides you with an uninterrupted stream of resources while ensuring you are always ready to face the challenges ahead.

Extra Details

Grab unlimited items with this mod. Access the items menu using Q and spawn as many items as you want. This mod gives you 10 of each item and will refill the stock if you use any.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Items

Ensures that you have at least 10 of every item in the game, allowing you to spawn unlimited items using the Q menu.

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