Translate All Unlocked Runes

A mod for Chants of Sennaar
About the Translate All Unlocked Runes mod

Transform your gaming experience with the ability to translate all unlocked runes instantly in Chants of Sennaar. No more struggling with deciphering, as you can now enjoy the narrative fully while revisiting the thrill of the original puzzles at your own pace.

Unlock the Secrets of the Language

With this mod, you can effortlessly reveal the mysteries of the runes you've unlocked. No more frustrating guesswork – enjoy the rich lore and storytelling of the game by fully understanding every rune's meaning.

Instant Recall of Translations

This mod offers a one-click solution to translate all your discovered runes, allowing you to focus on exploring the captivating world without getting bogged down in translation struggles. Dive right into the narrative and enjoy your adventure!

Revisit the Original Challenge

Not only can you easily translate runes, but you also have the option to untranslate them. Experience the original challenge of deciphering the language, enriching your gameplay with a nostalgic touch whenever you wish.

Extra Details

Instantly translate all of the runes you have discovered so far. Untranslate the runes to see what things were like before you had the translations.

This modpack contains the following mods

Translate All Runes

Instantly translate all the runes that you have unlocked.

Untranslate All Translated Runes

Unvalidates all the runes that you have successfully translated. This lets you put it back to the point when you had just notes.

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