Translate All Unlocked Runes

A mod for Chants of Sennaar
About the Translate All Unlocked Runes mod

Unlock the mysteries of Chants of Sennaar with the ability to instantly translate or untranslate all the runes you've encountered. Gain deeper insights into the game's lore and experience the narrative in a whole new way before translations were unlocked.

Unlock the Secrets of Ancient Runes

Translate all the runes you've unlocked instantly, gaining deeper insights into the game's lore and uncovering hidden meanings.

Rediscover the Mystery of Untranslated Runes

Experience the game in a new light by untranslating runes, providing a fresh perspective on the original, enigmatic game narrative before translations were unlocked.

Immerse Yourself in the Universe of Babel

Explore the captivating universe of Chants of Sennaar by observing, listening, and deciphering ancient languages, and play a pivotal role in uniting disparate Peoples of the Tower.

Extra Details

Instantly translate all of the runes you have discovered so far. Untranslate the runes to see what things were like before you had the translations.

This modpack contains the following mods

Translate All Runes

Instantly translate all the runes that you have unlocked.

Untranslate All Translated Runes

Unvalidates all the runes that you have successfully translated. This lets you put it back to the point when you had just notes.

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