Chants of Sennaar

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Bigger Annotation Size
Unleash the potential of your Chants of Sennaar gameplay with the Bigger Annotation Size mod. This mod enables you to write detailed notes with an enhanced annotation size, allowing in-depth notations of more than 20 characters to comprehensively capture words and phrases.
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    Translate All Unlocked Runes
    Unlock the mysteries of Chants of Sennaar with the ability to instantly translate or untranslate all the runes you've encountered. Gain deeper insights into the game's lore and experience the narrative in a whole new way before translations were unlocked.
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      Unlock Achievement
      Unlock specific achievements or all achievements in the captivating world of Chants of Sennaar with ease using this mod. Dive into new content and unleash unlimited potential, transforming your gaming experience into an enriching adventure.
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        Unlock All Runes
        Unlock an array of ancient runes discreetly, effortlessly refresh your journal to find unlocked runes, and easily clear all your annotations to start with a clean slate and record new findings.
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          About Chants of Sennaar

          Legend says that one day, a traveler will reunite the Peoples of the Tower who are unable to communicate with each other. Observe, listen, and decipher ancient languages in a fascinating universe inspired by the myth of Babel.