Unlock All Runes

A mod for Chants of Sennaar
About the Unlock All Runes mod

Unlock an array of ancient runes discreetly, effortlessly refresh your journal to find unlocked runes, and easily clear all your annotations to start with a clean slate and record new findings.

Discover Hidden Runes Effortlessly

Uncover all the hidden runes with a simple action, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the game's universe in no time.

Flexible Journal Refreshment

Refresh your journal at will to reveal newly unlocked runes, enhancing your ability to explore and engage with the game's intricate storytelling.

Begin Anew with Clear Annotations

Erase all your annotations with a single action, allowing you to start afresh and record new observations as you progress through the game.

Extra Details

Instantly unlock all runes. The runes will not be translated, simply unlocked / you will know they exist. The runes will appear as discovered / new. Close and open your journal for the runes to refresh. You can also lock the runes and clear your annotations.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Runes

Instantly unlock all runes.

Lock All Runes

Instantly locks all runes. You forgot that any of the runes exist.

Clear Annotations

Instantly clear all of your annotations. Your notes will all be gone.

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