Core Keeper

Get Premium Mods for Core Keeper via AzzaMods. There are 4 mods available right now for Core Keeper in AzzaMods.


Explore 4 mods across 4 modpacks for Core Keeper.

Infinite Hunger
Unlock endless exploration in Core Keeper by never having to worry about food again. With this modification applied, your hunger will always be satisfied, enabling you to dive deep into a world full of adventure, crafting, and teamwork.
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    Infinite Health
    Dive into your Core Keeper adventure with the ultimate enhancement: infinite health. Explore, craft, and battle without the fear of dying. With this mod, your health continuously regenerates, allowing for uninterrupted adventures in the depths of this mining sandbox game.
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      Reveal Larger Area
      Enhance your Core Keeper adventure by effortlessly revealing a larger area around you as you explore. This mod allows you to uncover hidden treasures and resources quickly, making your journey through the vast cavern more exciting and efficient.
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        Unlock All Skills
        Unlock all your skills instantly in Core Keeper, allowing you to dive into the adventure without the grind. Enjoy the thrill of immediate progress while still choosing your preferred skill perks for a personalized experience.
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          About Core Keeper

          Explore an endless cavern of creatures, relics and resources in a mining sandbox adventure for 1-8 players. Mine, build, fight, craft and farm to unravel the mystery of the ancient Core.