Reveal Larger Area

A mod for Core Keeper
About the Reveal Larger Area mod

Uncover a larger area as you explore the map, revealing the entire map faster and enhancing your map exploration experience in Core Keeper.

Discover the Unknown

Uncover more of the map as you explore, providing you with a distinct advantage in discovering hidden treasures and resources in Core Keeper

Enhanced Exploration

Reveal a larger area around you as you walk, allowing for faster and more efficient map exploration within Core Keeper, leading to exciting new finds.

Unveil the Entire Map

Unleash the ability to reveal the entire map faster as you explore, uncovering the mysteries and wonders of the underground world in Core Keeper.

Extra Details

As you walk around the map, you will reveal a larger area around you, helping you to discover the entire map faster.

This modpack contains the following mods

Reveal Larger Area

Reveals a larger area around the player as you walk around.

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