Crime Simulator: Prologue

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Infinite Energy
Experience an unprecedented gaming advantage with the mod, granting you infinite energy and unlimited stamina in Crime Simulator Prologue. Elevate your gameplay with relentless energy that remains perpetually full, ensuring a seamless and boundless gaming experience.
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    Take your Crime Simulator Prologue experience to new heights with the Fly mod. Gain free movement, uncover hidden secrets, and explore uncharted areas with unparalleled freedom. With the Fly mod, the sky's the limit as you navigate the game's world effortlessly.
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      Infinite Health
      Gain an unrivaled advantage in Crime Simulator Prologue with this mod, providing infinite health and god mode. Never worry about health depletion and dominate the game with unbeatable survival capabilities.
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        About Crime Simulator: Prologue

        Crime Simulator is a co-op game you can become a criminal. Start as a lowlife and slowly work your way up by completing jobs, stealing and more. Take over enemy hideouts, build your own weed farm. Do everything with friends, or alone. Go in guns blazing or be quiet and stealthy. It's all up to you.