Infinite Energy

A mod for Crime Simulator: Prologue
About the Infinite Energy mod

Experience an unprecedented gaming advantage with the mod, granting you infinite energy and unlimited stamina in Crime Simulator Prologue. Elevate your gameplay with relentless energy that remains perpetually full, ensuring a seamless and boundless gaming experience.

Unleash Limitless Power

Embrace the unrivaled advantage of perpetual energy, revolutionizing your Crime Simulator Prologue experience. With infinite energy at your disposal, relish seamless gameplay and overcome challenges with unprecedented ease. The mod is your doorway to unbridled freedom and boundless energy.

Optimize Your Performance

Liberate yourself from energy constraints and enhance your gaming journey with unlimited stamina. The mod offers a game-changing advantage, allowing you to optimize performance, tackle complex missions, and master stealthy approaches without the burden of restricted energy levels.

Elevate Your Gameplay

Experience uninterrupted and liberating gameplay with the Infinite Energy mod. By elevating your energy to new heights, this mod amplifies your gaming prowess, empowering you to navigate the criminal underworld and emerge victorious in every endeavor.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite energy. Your energy will constantly be filled.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Energy

Gives you infinite energy.

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