DEPO: Death Epileptic Pixel Origins

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Unleash the thrill of flying in DEPO: Death Epileptic Pixel Origins! This transformative mod allows you to navigate the game’s expansive levels with ease, granting the extraordinary ability to soar through walls, uncover secrets, and explore every hidden gem the world has to offer. Adjust your flying speed to match your play style, whether you’re cruising smoothly or zipping around quickly. This mod enriches your gaming experience by giving you unprecedented freedom of movement.
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    Infinite Jumps
    Unlock a whole new dimension of gameplay where you can jump infinitely through the air! This mod empowers you to defy the laws of physics, allowing for unprecedented aerial navigation and exploration in your quest against the evil Operating System.
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      About DEPO: Death Epileptic Pixel Origins

      DEPO is a first person 3D platformer where you control a rebel pixel inside a computer with an evil Operating System governing everything. You'll find final bosses, cinematic scenes, arcade mini-games, 70 huge levels full of surprises, ¡and big stories to discover!