Infinite Jumps

A mod for DEPO: Death Epileptic Pixel Origins
About the Infinite Jumps mod

Unlock a whole new dimension of gameplay where you can jump infinitely through the air! This mod empowers you to defy the laws of physics, allowing for unprecedented aerial navigation and exploration in your quest against the evil Operating System.

Explore the Level Design Like Never Before!

With the ability to jump infinitely, you can discover hidden secrets in the vast worlds of DEPO. No longer limited by the standard jump mechanics, you’ll find new pathways and shortcuts, transforming how you approach problem-solving in the game.

Challenge Yourself with Creative Maneuvers!

Harness the power of unlimited jumps to implement your unique strategies in every level. Whether you're dodging obstacles or racing against time, this mod enables creative gameplay that keeps you engaged and ready for anything.

Enjoy an Aerial Advantage in Boss Battles!

Not only does this mod enhance exploration, but it also provides a significant edge during boss encounters. Use your infinite jumping ability to evade attacks and position yourself strategically for the perfect strike!

Extra Details

Gives you infinite jumps. You can jump infinitely through the air.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Jumps

Gives you infinite jumps.

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