Infinite Energy

A mod for Die in the Dungeon: Origins
About the Infinite Energy mod

Elevate your Die in the Dungeon Origins experience with this mod, providing players with infinite energy. Say goodbye to energy management constraints and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, streamlined exploration, and enhanced immersion in the game world.

Uninterrupted Gameplay

Experience uninterrupted gameplay with unlimited energy, enabling continuous dice placements and sustained momentum in Die in the Dungeon Origins.

Streamlined Exploration

Focus on exploration and progression as the mod eliminates the need for energy management, offering a seamless experience for uncovering the dungeon's mysteries.

Enhanced Immersion

Immerse yourself in the game world without worrying about energy constraints, allowing for deeper engagement and enjoyment of Die in the Dungeon Origins.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite energy. Your energy will not drop when you place dice. You will gain energy ever time you bring dice back.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Energy

Gives you infinite energy.

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