Infinite Energy

A mod for Die in the Dungeon: Origins
About the Infinite Energy mod

Step into the depths of the dungeon with the power of infinite energy at your command. Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay as you place and retrieve dice without the hassle of energy depletion, dramatically enhancing your ability to strategize and conquer your foes.

Unleash Your Strategy

With the ability to maintain infinite energy, players can unleash their strategic prowess without the worry of running out during intense combat scenarios, turning every encounter into a tactical playground.

Endless Play Opportunities

The unlimited energy feature allows you to experiment with various dice combinations and relics continuously, enhancing your gameplay experience as you uncover new strategies and stories within the dungeon.

Sustain Your Momentum

Bring back dice and watch as your energy replenishes, ensuring a steady flow of actions that keep the momentum alive during those pivotal moments in the game.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite energy. Your energy will not drop when you place dice. You will gain energy ever time you bring dice back.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Energy

Gives you infinite energy.

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