Die in the Dungeon: Origins

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Explore 5 mods across 4 modpacks for Die in the Dungeon: Origins.

Teleport to Floor
Empower your gameplay with the ability to instantly teleport to a specified floor within the dungeon. Gain an advantage by bypassing challenging levels, enabling you to progress at your preferred pace and focus on the most engaging parts of the game.
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    Infinite Energy
    Elevate your Die in the Dungeon Origins experience with this mod, providing players with infinite energy. Say goodbye to energy management constraints and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, streamlined exploration, and enhanced immersion in the game world.
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      Infinite Health
      Elevate your Die in the Dungeon Origins gameplay with this mod, providing infinite health and god mode capabilities that allow you to enjoy the game without limitations. Experience an enhanced level of control and flexibility with the option to toggle infinite health, tailored to your preferred gaming style.
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        Kill Enemies
        Leverage the power to instantaneously eliminate all enemies in the game, refining your gaming experience with seamless victories.
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          About Die in the Dungeon: Origins

          Fight your way through a mysterious dungeon in this deck-building, turn-based roguelike game where you don't use cards, but DICE! Deal with enemies by combining dice on your board, boost their effects with magical relics, and discover the story behind Die in the Dungeon!