Teleport to Floor

A mod for Die in the Dungeon: Origins
About the Teleport to Floor mod

Effortlessly teleport to any specified floor in your dungeon journey. This mod makes your experience more enjoyable by eliminating the hassle of tedious navigation, allowing you to focus on the exciting aspects of your adventure.

Seamless Dungeon Navigation

Imagine being able to skip tedious battles and instantly arrive at your desired floor. This mod helps you to streamline your dungeon exploration, making it easy to focus on strategy rather than traversal.

Customize Your Adventure

Set your teleportation point to any floor within the game, allowing you to create a personalized journey through the depths of the dungeon. Control your gameplay and experience the story from the perspective you choose.

Challenge Meets Convenience

While this mod grants you the power to teleport, it remains balanced. With limited floor access, you can still face challenges while enjoying the freedom of quick navigation.

Extra Details

Instantly teleport to a specified floor / dungeon.

This modpack contains the following mods

Floor Number

The floor you want to teleport to.

Teleport to Floor

Teleports you to the specified floor.

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