Dude Simulator 4

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Wanted Level
This mod empowers you to easily control your in-game wanted level, allowing you to raise, lower, or reset it with a simple click. Experience unparalleled freedom and flexibility in Dude Simulator 4, altering your gameplay to match your preferences effortlessly.
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    Unlock new realms of exploration in Dude Simulator 4 with the ability to effortlessly fly and access hidden areas, surpassing walls and obstacles. This mod offers unrestricted movement, empowering players to discover game secrets and unique perspectives.
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      Give Money
      Elevate your gaming experience with the ability to give yourself a specified amount of money instantly, customize your in-game wealth, and reset your funds to zero in Dude Simulator 4.
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        Infinite Health
        Experience uninterrupted gameplay with the Infinite Health mod for Dude Simulator 4. Gain invincibility and constant health regeneration, eliminating the fear of defeat due to health loss.
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          About Dude Simulator 4

          Dude Simulator 4 - a first-person open-world sandbox game with a plot. Some new adventures are awaiting the dude. The main character of the game decides to meet a girl through a mobile dating app, but during a date someone attacks him.