Give Money

A mod for Dude Simulator 4
About the Give Money mod

Elevate your gaming experience with the ability to give yourself a specified amount of money instantly, customize your in-game wealth, and reset your funds to zero in Dude Simulator 4.

Enhance Your In-Game Wealth

Amplify your gaming experience by giving yourself a financial boost in the virtual world. Customize the amount of money you want to add and enjoy an increased purchasing power to explore and conquer the game the way you want.

Full Control Over Economic Influence

Take command of your virtual finances with the ability to reset your in-game funds to zero. Whether you seek a fresh start or want to experiment with different financial scenarios, the mod provides you with the tools to tailor your financial status according to your gameplay preference.

Unleash Customizable Financial Abilities

Experience the freedom to manipulate your in-game wealth with a customizable money injection feature. With the mod's ability to specify the exact amount of money to add, your gaming journey becomes more flexible and adapted to your desires.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of money.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Money to Give

The amount of money to give.

Give Money

Give the specified amount of money.

Reset Money

Resets your money to zero.

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