Elong Plug

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Give All Hats
Streamline your gaming experience with the 'Give All Hats' mod for Elong Plug. Instantly equip yourself with all available hats in the game, simplifying the process of acquiring and customizing your character's appearance.
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    Give All Items
    Obtain all in-game items at once with a single action using this mod. Streamline your gaming experience in Elong Plug by gaining effortless access to every available item, enhancing your overall gameplay.
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      Give Coins
      Streamline your in-game wealth with the Give Coins mod, granting the capability to promptly obtain a specified amount of coins, expediting your progress and enhancing your gaming experience in Elong Plug.
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        Increase Plug Length
        Amplify the capabilities of your plug with the Increase Plug Length mod. Gain control over your plug's growth by instantly increasing its length by a specified amount. Embrace the power to stretch and climb effortlessly while conquering the game's challenges.
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          About Elong Plug

          Play as an elastic plug trying to become as long as LORD ELON. Use your climbing, dangling, and stretching skills to collect coins and buy length upgrades. Will LORD ELON accept you?